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Do. 15.11.2018 // 19.00 Uhr

A burning question: the repatriation of cultural properties of Republic of Benin

Joseph Adande (Université Abomey-Calavi, Benin)

The question of the repatriation of cultural belongings originally from the Republic of Benin from public collections in France - mainly from the Quai Branly collection - has become a topic of debate for the Beninese government as well as the citizens in Benin for several years. The issue is not new to the international museum scene; many other countries have been asking similar questions. French President Macron’s recent statement has made some hopeful that the issue will be clarified once for all. This talk will focus on these pending issues, questions about the preservation of identities and the national pride associated with return of certain pieces.

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Do. 15.11.2018 // 19.00 Uhr