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30.11.2017 - 04.03.2018

Exodus Stations #2

On November 29th the exhibition, Exodus Stations #2 opens at Iwalewahaus, University of Bayreuth. This exhibition is part of a larger research and curatorial project by curator Marta Jecu (Lisbon, Paris). Iwalewahaus is one of several European museums that are involved in the project.

The project aims at a critical engagement with the archives of the respective museums. Residencies of contemporary artists form an important part of the project. The artists are invited to elaborate a critical and interpretative view on the history of the objects and the meanings with which they have been invested according to fluctuating ideologies. Strategies of self-representation of the institution, of the collectors and founding histories, as well as practices of differentiation between artistic and ethnologic material, are under focus in particular.

Exodus Stations #2 at Iwalewahaus invited the artists Tatiana Macedo (Lisbon, Berlin) and Raphaël Denis (Paris, Brussels). During their residencies, both artists worked with the estate of Ulli Beier, the founder of Iwalewahaus. The exhibition proposes an incursion into archival material concerning the art promoting activities of Ulli Beier together with his first and second wife Susanne Wenger and Georgina Beier in Nigeria. The works presented have emerged from the artists’ involvement with the diverse photo, film and sound material from the estate of the Beiers.

The accompanying colloquium invites artists, curators and academics to reflect on their work with archives and collections.

Colloquium: 30.11.2017 // 09h - 15h

Contributors: Raphaël Denis, Katharina Greven, Tatiana Macedo, Lena Naumann, Nadine Siegert, Catarina Simão, Hervé Trioreau, Smooth Ugochukwu-Nzewi

30.11.2017 - 04.03.2018
29.11.2017 19:00
Marta Jecu, Felicia Nitsche, Nadine Siegert
Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian
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