25.04.2018 // 19.00 h

Lecture Series: Muwonge Kyazze Mathias

Misfortune, Art and politics

The lecture will focus on the intersections of the social, economic and political contexts in which the artist produced a painting titled Misfortune (1985). Uganda as a nation gained its independence from the British Government on 9th October 1962. Between 1981 and 1985 Uganda descended into a civil war and turned into a battle field. The war resulted into extensive infrastructural destructions and massive human catastrophe. Misfortune was Muwonge Kyazze Mathias major work produced as an examination script in the academic year 1984/85. This was a period in which the five year war was ended. In his presentation he will argue how the war events and experiences informed the making of Misfortune through using metaphoric narratives. The lecture will observe earlier accounts that visualized Uganda’s independence through cultural and political symbolism. He will further present how Misfortune revisited and reconstructed such accounts to give new meanings to Uganda’s political tragedy of the war time.

25.04.2018 // 19.00 h
2nd Floor, Meeting Room