27.09.2018 - 03.11.2018

FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time - On Tour

The exhibition FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time explores visions of future emerging from Africa and its diasporas. FAVT is a collaboration between the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies, Iwalewahaus (University of Bayreuth), Goethe-Institute Burkina Faso and the National Museum of Burkina Faso. The exhibition will be accompanied by several events, starting with a workshop on the relation of fashion and dress to time and revolution, which will be facilitated by Emeka Alams (Seattle) and Katharina Fink on 29.09.2018. In addition, Lulu Sala (Maputo) will performing during the opening on the 27.09.2018, and on 28.09.2018, photographer James Muriuki (Nairobi) will hold an artist talk together with photographer Adrien Bitibaly (Ouagadougou). On Saturday 29.09.2018, a round table discussion with scholars and artists about “past futures” and their contemporary relevance will be moderated by Nadine Siegert.

The Ouagadougou iteration of FAVT was made possible by the Ministère de la Culture, des Arts et du Tourisme du Burkina Faso, the Federal Ministry Education and Research of Germany and the University of Bayreuth.

Artists: Emeka Alams, Adrien Bitibaly, Sam Hopkins, Délio Jasse, John Kamicha, Ingrid LaFleur, Lilian Magodi, James Muriuki, Luís Carlos Patraquim, Luís Sala, Gilbert Ndi Shang, Abou Sidibé, Les Radicaux’ Strategiques, Abass Zoungrana

Researchers: Ute Fendler, Katharina Fink, Calixte Kaboré, Constantin Katsakioris, Ludovic Kibora, Nadine Siegert

Opening performances: Luís Sala, Tim Winsey

FAVT Ouagadougou Curator: Felicia Nitsche

FAVT curatorial concept: Katharina Fink, Storm Janse van Rensburg, Nadine Siegert

Project management FAVT Ouagadougou: Carolin Christgau, François d´Assise Ouédraogo, Alassane Waongo

Installation & Technical Team: Gérémie Belemsigri, Stéphane Boua, Harouna Damiba, Evariste Kabore, Florence Kabore, Oumar Ouattara, Josiane Sanou, Emmanuel Sawadogo

Graphic design: Emeka Alams, Felicia Nitsche, Francois d’Assise Ouédraogo

Special thanks: Renate Crowe, Henriette Gunkel, Gloria Igabe, Doris Löhr, Harouna Marane, Micas Mondlane, Sibiri Sawadogo.



27.09.2018 - 03.11.2018
27.09.2018 18:00
National Museum of Burkina Faso in Ouagadougou

Emeka Alams, Zohra Opoku, Fallen, 2015, 
installation view Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth (© Baensch-Studio)

Luis Carlos Patraquim,
 Gilbert Ndi Shang,
 Constantin Katsakioris,
 Africans in the Soviet Union, 2015, installation view Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth (© Baensch-Studio)

James Muriuki, Untitled, 2015, installation view, Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth (© Baensch-Studio)

Sam Hopkins, Thika Road mad boys_Until death do us part_Wazungu wausi (Black white men) 2015, installation view

Delio Jasse,
Warning! Not Fixed, 2015, installation view Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth (© Bänsch-Studio)