30.07.2021 // 19:00-20:15 Uhr

not yet: over

The situation of Turkish students and academics

With Yağmur Çelik and Cuma Daş

It has been five years since colleagues and students in Turkey lost their security. In 2016, they spoke out for academic freedom and freedom of expression in the "Peace Petition". As part of the summer programme "not yet", we ask how our colleagues and students are doing today. What does it mean that they have not regained their rights and that many of them had to go into exile? How do they go about their daily lives, how do they maintain political hope and how do they live the "not yet: over" every day? We look forward to our discussion on the situation of Turkish academics and students in English and Turkish, facilitated by Dr. Eylem Çamuroğlu Çığ (Media Studies University of Bayreuth) and Dr. Katharina Fink (Iwalewahaus University of Bayreuth). (Author: Katharina Fink)

Verantwortlich: Katharina Fink

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30.07.2021 // 19:00-20:15 Uhr