Von 05.11.2020

A Spiritual Journey

Stories in Black and White

Untold stories linger in the depth of our inner self – in a world that exists within us and that is filled with past experiences and emotions, with moments of sadness and happiness alike.

Yet, certain emotions such as grief, fear or sadness are regarded as something negative and painful. The moments of our lives marked by such feelings are often described as ‘bad times’. However, isn’t there more to them? Do unexpected chances lie within them? Is there another perspective to look at those feelings?

One can only find out if one sets out onto a journey that retraces past steps – we call this a spiritual journey.

 We go on that journey and follow old paths to re-experience emotions that were never expressed in a visual form. The exhibition presents this exploration in different ways and media, composed in black and white. Following the lines, shapes and motifs of the artworks, one might see how stories unfold.

We might even get to understand that grief is not just grief, fear not just fear and sadness not just sadness. In the details of the drawings and in the watery strokes of the paintings we might find that all emotions are valid and important and contain sparks of joy and beauty as well as the potential to make us grow.

 Curation and Art: Loana Oyeniran and Temidayo Oyeniran

Image: Temidayo Oyeniran, Behind Closed Eyes (detail), 2020.

Von 05.11.2020
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