Tewa Barnosa receives Iwalewa Art Award 2021

Tewa Barnosa is the winner of the Iwalewa Art Award 2021. The award of the University of Bayreuth is given to emerging artists from the African continent.

The Iwalewa Art Award also receives special attention because established African artists and curators propose the nominees for the award. Barnosa is the fourth artist to receive the award. In the first call for nominations in 2015, the award went to Angolan artist Délio Jasse and in 2017 to Johannesburg-based Kitso Lynn Lelliott. In 2019, the award was presented to Stacey Gillian Abe. Through the Award, the Iwalewahaus supports Africa's young art scene while consolidating its own international reputation as a unique space for engaging with primarily African contemporary art in theory and practice. The Iwalewa Art Award, which is supported by the International Office and the Iwalewahaus of the university, is linked to an artist residency at the Iwalewahaus. Tewa Barnosa's works will be shown in an exhibition and produced as an edition. 

The Iwalewa Art Award will be presented in autumn 2021. 

Tewa Barnosa (b. 1998) is a Libyan artist and cultural manager. She was born and raised in Tripoli and currently lives in Berlin. Her artistic work explores definitions of identity and belonging, narratives and futures of language, written, oral and collective memory in the social and political context of Libya and North Africa.

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