not yet: shared

The exhibition “not yet: shared” presents a critical look at a project by Ulli Beier and Susanne Wenger from Abeokuta (Nigeria) in 1951 and 1952. At the time Beier and Wenger visited the local “Lantoro Mental Asylum” by chance. After their first visit however, they brought paper and paint to the patients, giving them the opportunity to express themselves, as well as pass their time. This project went on for about 18 months. Afterwards the artworks stayed with Ulli Beier. Up until now they have been exhibited several times, all the while travelling the world.

“not yet: shared” is a research project in its fledgling stage. On one hand it questions the idea of defining outsiders and their art (not only) under colonial rule, while grappling with the juxtaposition of philanthropic endeavors and unknown processes of acquisition. On the other hand, it gives space to the remarkable aesthetic power of these 70-year-old artworks, which carry so much weight. (sb)

Sarah Böllinger + team
deutsch / english