24.06.2021 // 19:00 Uhr

not yet: caring

cultivating acts of affection

The curatorial team of not yet: caring invites you to a visit to the exhibition.

Caring is at the core of museum work and curatorial practice. Or: it should be. Museums and their humans care for art, artists, and communities. Or: they should. At times, it is carelessness rather than care that guides quotidian practice - be it in the handling of collections, in the treatment of artists or in dealing with the communities around them. Yet, without the communities of artists, visitors, collaborators and objects that surround them, institutions are nothing. Cultural institutions have the responsibility – not the burden – to bring these people together in order to engage in consciousness-raising dialogues with themselves and each other. Counterintuitively, many institutions - such as museums and universities - stubbornly resist change toward a more just, accessible, loving world.

This space asks a simple question: Why is that so?

It hosts a simple demand: To care for one another in the most exciting ways.

It presents work and utopian thoughts by Isaiah Lopaz, The Strategic Radicals, Goldendean, Obou Gbais and you. Also, it serves as an archive, both for stories about caring and love, and for complaint.

Tonight, we wish to invite you to share stories for our „Heart:Drive“. What made the past rough months doable for you? Which acts of affection did you experience/give? Share - our circle of care is open to your stories - either told to us, sung, drawn, or written. Do share.

24.06.2021 // 19:00 Uhr
Live in the courtyard of Iwalewahaus & online
Fink, Karrfalt, Igabe, Linn
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