Salah Hassan

Self-Portrait of Suffering by Ibrahim El Salahi, Undated, Collection Iwalewahaus

11.06.2016, 16.00 Uhr

The Khartoum School:
The Making of the Modern Art Movement in Sudan 1945-Present

Salah Hassan (Cornell University, Ithaka)

The lecture will focus on a pivotal moment in Sudan – the 1960s and 1970s – which witnessed the rise of several modernist movements that radically transformed the literary and artistic scenes. In addition, the question of the identity of Sudan has been central to the debate on modernity, considering what the late Professor Ali Mazrui had called the ‘multiple marginality’ of Sudan – a diverse nation that exists on the cross-roads of Africa and the Arab/Islamic worlds, and yet marginal to both. This period also witnessed extremely dynamic and creative activities in all fields of cultural and artistic production – from literature, music, and theatre to visual and performing arts. The most influential among these movements were The Khartoum School (Madrasat al Khartoum) in the visual arts and the School of the Bush and the Desert (Madrasat al Ghaba wa al Sahra’) in literature, a movement which also influenced the work of several artists of the Khartoum School.

11.06.2016, 16.00 Uhr