Festival 49°

Spaces_Ahmad Nady_2013

Locust (c) Ahmad Nady, digital drawing, 2013

22.06.2017, 19.00 Uhr

SPACES - Vernissage

19.00 Uhr - Bayreuth City Center
Underpass Maximilianstraße & Hohenzollernring

Exhibition Opening
> mit Ahmad Nady

21.00 Uhr - Iwalewahaus
Exhibition Opening
> with Yara Mekawei & Islam Shabana

49° Grenzüberschreitungen Festival-Series is an annual festival, which takes place on 49th latitude at the Iwalewahaus in Bayreuth. It focuses on the variety of art- and music scenery of Africa, Europe, and Diasporas.

The 2017 festival deals with the young, independent art, culture, and music scene of Egypt and beyond. Thematically it is based on the exhibition Spaces – Perception. Reflection. Intervention (May 19 to September 17, 2017) – and deals with ‚spaces‘ - spaces, and places in different manner, dimension, and interpretation.

By doing so the festival also considers contemporary questions of global migration, which should give spaces the possibility to exchange and create consciousness, that we all are part of in social, political and imagined spaces and moving in those.

Four artists in residency; Yara Mekawei, Ahmad Nady, Islam Shabana and Ganzeer will focus their works on the perception and interpretation of ‘spaces’ and will deal with spaces and places of remembrance in Cairo and Bayreuth. In addition to the recently opened exhibition; scholars and other guests will enrich the festival with lectures and workshops under the title Re(Visions) of Spaces.

The Indie-Punk- Concert by Youssef Alimam (Circus Monsters) will convey experimental underground sound; the performances by Djane Yara Mekawei (Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session), DJ Islam Shabana and DJ Zhao will guide the festival through the hybrid, always changing acoustical Geographic’s of the Middle East. Music traditions will be mixed with abstract, new electronic sounds coupled with popular tunes, which catches up influences of Africa, Asia and Europe.


24.06.2017, 20.00 Uhr - DAS ZENTRUM
Ticket for Concert & DJ Performances: 7 Euro
VVK: Iwalewahaus, Heimathafen (Bayreuth), Uni Mensa
Reservations under 49spaces@gmail.com

22.06.2017, 19.00 Uhr
Underpass Maximilianstraße & Hohenzollernring,
95444 Bayreuth
Siegrun Salmanian
Assistance: Lucie Ameloot, Mohammad Al Ayoubi, Aino Moongo
German, English
49° Grenzüberschreitungen Festival

49° Festival Programm 22.06. - 24.06.2017


Strong Hands of Injustice (c) Ganzeer, screen print, 2015