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Filmstill aus Songs for Madagascar

12.07.2017, 19.00 Uhr

Songs for Madagascar

Film by Cesar Paes (2016, 88 min.)

Songs for Madagascar offers an intimate journey across Madagascar and Europe, closely following the creative work of a group of musicians who have come together in spite of their cultural and geographical differences as songs can be more effective than long speeches.

Erick Manana, Justin Vali, Dama Mahaleo, Olombelo Ricky, Jaojoby and Régis Gizavo, the six most famous Malagasy musicians, living thousands of miles apart, unite to use their art as a megaphone to raise awareness worldwide about their island‘s fragile and unique environment.

The soundtrack brings to life the creative work of these artists as they share their songs with one another. The film shows their rehearsals where each composer gives a new shape to his songs, adapting its local roots to new rhythms and instruments.

Through the medium of an entertaining and thought-provoking film by award winning director Cesar Paes, working in close collaboration with the artists and with researchers at Southampton University, issues of global significance are brought to the attention of audiences in Madagascar and worldwide.

The director Cesar Paes will be present.

Previous lecture at 17.30 Uhr
Migration, cultural globalization and music from Madagascar.
Ulrike Hanna Meinhof (University of Southampton)

12.07.2017, 19.00 Uhr
French with German subtitles
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Filmstill aus Songs for Madagascar