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© Kitso Lynn Lelliott, Video Still: Alzire of Bayreuth, 2014.

19.10.2017, 19h

On Haunting or The Imagining Back of Narratives of Difference as Method

Kitso Lynn Lelliott (Johannesburg)

In her contribution, Kitso Lynn Lelliott speaks through a quote as illustrative gesture towards capturing the drive behind and spirit in which her work has taken shape over the last years. <br /> <br />  „You who understand the dehumanisation of forced removal-relocation-reeducation-redefinition, the humiliation of having to falsify your own reality, your voice – you know. And often cannot say it. You try and keep on trying to unsay it, for if you don’t, they will not fail to fill in the blanks on your behalf, and you will be said“ (Trinh T. Minh- Ha, 1989; 80). <br /> <br />  It is the spirit of these words that she thinks back to, through and enacts in her work and will reflect on in this presentation.

19.10.2017, 19h
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