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© Kitso Lynn Lelliott, Video Still: Alzire of Bayreuth, 2014.

10.11.2017, 19h

Iwalewa Art Award 2017

On 10th November 2017, the University of Bayreuth will award the Iwalewa Art Award for the second time. The award is given to young, aspiring artists for outstanding artistic achievements. This year, the Johannesburg-based artist Kitso Lynn Lelliott with her project Alzire of Bayreuth was selected for the prize. The video installation Alzire of Bayreuth was created in 2015 as a part of the exhibition FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time. In her work Kitso Lynn Lelliott deals with the memory of the transatlantic slave trade. The research on this subject led her to the court of Wilhelmine in Bayreuth, where the Surinam-born slave girl Alzire worked in the 18th century. As an award for her artistic engagement with the history of the city of Bayreuth, Kitso Lynn Lelliott is now invited to Bayreuth to accept the Iwalewa Art Award. 
The award ceremony is connected with an artist‘s residence at the Iwalewahaus and an exhibition sponsored by the International Office and the University of Bayreuth.The new exhibition will be in the Iwalewahaus from November.

10.11.2017, 19h
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