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Trevor Paglen: The Genres, installation view at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, 2015, photo courtesy Eat Pomegranate Photography.

13.12.2017 // 19h

Lecture: Spectral Futures?

Esther Peeren (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Esther Pereen will reflect on the uses of the conceptual metaphors of the ghost and haunting for thinking not just the past and its lingering influence on the present, but also the future and its anticipation. Departing from Jacques Derrida‘s notion of the specter as both revenant and arrivant, and from the messianic elements of his hauntology she will argue that while it is more difficult to stage an effective haunting by the future than by the past (as the case of climate change shows), positioning the future as an insistent ghostly presence in the present can impress upon us the need to deal with future problems not later but now.

13.12.2017 // 19h
Foyer, Iwalewahaus
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